“sell off Samsung stock”, recommeded

Samsung is knwon as the world home appliance maker with the top global market share. However, Samsung now faces the massive domestic market share cut due to the local customer’s protest.  “The nightmare scale of the market share drop would be a on-ce in a life time experience of Samsung” said a market expert familiar with korean market matters. Samsung has been involved in several dirty scandals from the begining of Samsung regime succession to his son to bribery, to unfair trade with its subordinate companies. Even the former president death , a person familiar with that matters on the condition of anonymity claimed, was allegedly related to the successful regime succession the suprem court judged. These several scandals started hurting the reputation of Samsung and triggered opinon leaders’ rage. Finally, the fever of the boycott movement blazed up since it was verified that Samsung has heavily supported immoral newspaper companies such as Chosun, Joonang and Dong-a that led the demise of the former president Roh. “The record drop of Samsung share price is predicted in the korean stock market, KOSPI, since the next quarter sale in the local market will plunge considerably due to Samsung’s losing reputation and consumer’s confidence ” said an analyst familiar with the korean stock market on the condition of anonymity. He, also, recommended that immediately should be sold off all the Samsung stocks.